Almost 20

Knowing your birthday is in just a few short weeks is scary! After that day comes, you will no longer be a teenager. EVER. I have so many regrets about not living it up a bit more throughout my teen years. Parties, kick backs, adventures, everything i missed out on because i was either too scared to do so, or just didnt feel like it. Well now i feel like it. I feel like going out and getting crazy wasted, letting go, and just being free. Allowing myself to have some fun is what I’ve always wanted, but was never able to do. I’ve always felt like i should be responsible and never do things that made me look bad. But thats what your teenage years are- making mistakes and learning from them. I’ve read in so many places that you should do something crazy before you turn 20, so that you can say you did it in your teen years, and i think i’ve found that crazy thing. Moving out and into my own place. Even though that’s a pretty big step, i feel like if i dont do it now, ill never do it. Thats crazy to me, actually moving out of my parents house where ive been all my life, and beginning to support just me and BO? It’ll be hard, but all crazy and different things are. You just have to push through it and make it work. I have so many big dreams and plans, this will only help me to see if i have what it takes to accomplish them. March 23rd, I’m not ready for you!!

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