Rambling on

Growing up i was semi-spoiled. I was an only child till i was 7 therefore i got everything and anything i wanted materialistically. I watched my dad spoil my mom as well. Seeing how he treated her made me think thats how im supposed to be treated. Surprised with flowers at work, jewlery for no specific occasion, fancy dinners every weekend. But i never got any of that.

Instead i got someone who held my books/bags everytime we walked together. Who would clean the dirt off my fork when i dropped it with his mouth so that i could still eat. Who’d try to suck the boogers out of my nose so that i could actually breath comfortably. Financially he wasnt able to spoil me like my dad did with my mom. But he still managed to make me feel like i was the richest girl. The things he did for me, i’d never even think of.

Then time went by of course, and the sweet things he’d do started to occur less and less. Thats what happens. You get so used to someone you feel like theres no need to fancy them anymore. You dont have to try so hard because you got her already. WRONG. Never stop trying. Never make her feel like she no longer interests you.

If youre able go days without talking to your significant other, odds are you dont care as much as you thought you did. If youre not willing to do anything and everything to be with them, let your pride interfere with your relationship, or cant see yourself with this person on your porch in 80 years then end it. Stop leading them on, and leave them be. Save them the heartache.

Seeing how my dad spoiled my mom, i thought thats how all men are going to be, but apparently i was wrong. I’m not sad with what i got, im sad how it slowly is going down hill. Trying to keep a relationship up while the other person shares no part in that is hard. It’s like pushing a car with emergency brakes on.

Never love someone more than you love yourself. They will most likely not feel the same, and it will crush you.. Doesnt mean they dont love you, just means they wont love you like you love them. You put them before EVERYTHING. Doesnt matter what or who, before you agree on plans you think about that person. “What if they want to hang out that day?” It’s hard feeling that way.

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