Interreality 101: wtf it is and why VR designers should care.

Five principles for designing interactions between virtual worlds and conventional people

Literally, it means “between realities.”

A diagram
A “social VR” experience

1: Be physical

A rousing game of Monkey in the Middle of Reality

2. It feels good to work together


3. Create imbalances

Those who can’t control, describe.

4. Adjust the controls

Observation № 39: Aiming is hard

5. Consider space

Strolling together in the magical forest-cum-printer room
A trio of interreal explorers

What’s up next

All the stuff I couldn’t wrap my head around this time. Specifically, here’s a list of the next five areas I hope to explore:

  1. Augmented reality (AR): I am excited to try to apply these principles to AR experiences. I’m not sure how I will do this quite yet. To me, interreality seems more immediately applicable to the design of augmented virtuality, but that only strengthens my feeling that it can augment conventional reality too.
  2. Communication: After gaining a better understanding of the effects of audio on interreality, I would like to dive deeper into the field of cross-reality communication. What new modes will emerge that bridge the realities? What does an interreality secret handshake look like? Perhaps this would make a good direction for the next workshop.
  3. Asynchrony: Can an interactive message be left in interreality for someone to find later? Or does it require the live presence of interreality actors?
  4. Object permanence: This direction is inspired by both by asynchronous communication the persistence of digital objects. Traditional social media leaves a permanent record of our behavior; can interreallity, (as a digitally mediated social practice itself), afford the same permanence?

Further reading

For a reiteration of this article and more gifs and a bunch of observations and more experiments forthcoming, you can visit this site.

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