You don't have Impostor Syndrome
Alicia Liu

I think this rabbit hole goes much deeper than this.

Who are these assholes?

It is very easy to pick targets and blame them for behaving like an asshole, but… its just that… what I have noticed is that the asshole behavior seems to have a lot to do with the existing team dynamics, the stress level of the entire company’s business model and simple issues from peoples personal lives.

It seems to have a little or next nothing to do with the people they actually are.

This all comes down to leadership skills. Many self-organizing teams lose the social skills, because they feel like their work efforts are measured and it suddenly builds an environment of competition instead of co-operative mentoring. Leaders make people comfortable to work for a joint purpose and goal.

In software industry it is very easy to forget, that we are not robots programming code without emotions. Solving emotional attachment problems of a team, can increase it’s productivity massively and make the work atmosphere insanely much more fun to be part of.

It is everyones responsiblity to learn to understand the assholes and solve their emotional problems, because most of the time they are not insane (just burned-out) and they will listen like human beings do.

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