Dear Katie

I have a question for you. But first a bit of a disclaimer: IANAP (I am not [an] Astrophysicist). Bear with me, please.

Yesterday, I watched a documentary on Netflix. It’s called “Einstein’s biggest blunder” (referring to the cosmological constant), and it features two scientists how have come up with a different theory about the origin of the universe. They claim that possibly the Big Bang originated from a sudden drop in the speed of light (if I understood correctly).

Now, this raises my eyebrows because, well, the speed of light should be constant, right? I mean, it’s the foundation of Einstein’s theory of relativity. It raises a few questions too, I would say.

Finally, to my question. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this documentary or with these scientists and their work. This documentary is from the year 2000, which seems like an eternity ago. I was wondering: where is the current research at, and does the theory these guys propose that the speed of light could have changed hold up? Or in other words: is the speed of light still sacred in 2016 and were they proven wrong?

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