Get started with ML in minutes

It’s no secret machine learning (ML) is one of the coolest things out there. Well, at least I seem to think so. The possibilities are endless, and we just seem to have scratched the surface of making useful things with it.

It’s also no secret that it’s not a walk in the park to get started with machine learning if you don’t understand code.

Working with Augmented Reality is now effortless — thanks to Apple’s Reality Composer

AR is moving forward in huge strides — you can now have an AR tiger in your bedroom, thanks to Google. I wanted to find out if I could make more such AR experiences on my own. My research led me to Apple’s Reality Composer.

Apple claims that “Anyone can quickly prototype and produce content for AR experiences. Reality Composer lets you build animations and interactions on iOS and Mac to enrich your 3D content.”

I decided to give it a whirl, to see how it works. I made the setup below in less than 30 minutes. I was quite…


I just built and launched a side project called moooodify. It lets you sort your favourite Spotify music by any mood, which you can then save as playlists. Check out the website here.

It launched at #2 on Product Hunt.

Why did I make this?

I love music and everything about it. I can immerse myself for hours listening to old and new songs alike. Most of the time, I listen to music depending on what my mood is. Let’s face it, sad times call for sad playlists. Parties call for an upbeat playlist.

I didn’t really have a way to make these playlists from…

Creating a 3D music experience for your playlist

I have always been a huge music nerd. Add to that list also being a coding nerd. I recently learned Processing by the Processing Foundation and saw the potential it had to create immersive experiences, especially for designers and artists like me.

I decided to combine my love for music and my recent Processing knowledge to create an immersive music visualiser that could help me enjoy my music more.

It’s in 3D so you feel you’re completely immersed in the music while moving through a starfield, and I hope to make it VR compatible in the future.

The music visualiser

How it works

Separating the bands

What I’ve learned after 6 months at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Halfway through

When I joined Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) I was excited, but also apprehensive. There is a general aversion towards design schools from the design community, and I was cautious about the idea that design schools can sometimes be a bubble. However, I feel like this is one of the best decisions I have made.

Being surrounded by multi-disciplinary people from different cultures and backgrounds has been a learning experience in more ways than one.

Here are a few things I learned 6 months through my education.

Toys are wasteful. What if there was just one toy that lasts and adapts to kids’ growth?


Cardorama is a result of a 3-week course on Sustainable Tangible Design taught at CIID. The project was made with two other teammates Shailee Advani, and Suniti Thapa.

The problem with toys today

Toys are a great way to play and learn; they are an essential part of most kids’ growing up.

We found that the toys that kids play with change rapidly with the child’s quick cognitive growth, which leads to kids losing interest in a particular kind of toy and move on to the next.

Toys that are suitable now, might not be suitable in another 4 months.

Parents have to keep on…

Announcing 🎉

What is it? was a side project that is a repository of design patterns that can be used as inspiration for feature design by any designer. There is a particular focus placed on searching by feature rather than the company.

Why build this?

As a designer at the beginning of his career working at a startup, I would often be given features to design really quickly. A major part of my process was looking for inspiration about how similar features are implemented in major companies like Google, Dropbox, Facebook, and so on.

The process was quite painful to say the least. I…

Do. Feel. Know.

This article covers the design brief for this particular project and how our group approached it

“A designer’s job isn’t knowing the solution to a problem, their job is to know how to look for a solution.” — Jose Torre.

Week 3 started with a brief introduction to Interaction Design. The class was taught by Matt Nish-Lapidus and Erik Dahl. We were given a history of interaction design, and various frameworks and ways of thinking that would help guide us to design better interactions.

Groups of three were formed on the first day of the week itself…

“Stories are everywhere. Good storytelling is not.” -Tom Manning

My first week at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) started with 2 days of workshop introductions, followed by 3 days of storytelling class. I got delayed in joining the class by a week because of Visa issues, which is why I joined in the 2nd week.

We were taught the basics of storytelling, during which, we, the students were briefed with creating two videos in two days. …

There are various ways in which icons can be used on the web, with SVGs and font icons being the most popular formats. This article will cover how to export the icons convert them to font icons with a single click.

Why font icons? Font icons are easy for developers to use. You can easily give the icons a font size, or any color you wish while coding. As a result, you have full control over their style. So how do we create font icons?

The Process

Create an icon library

Create icon symbols in Sketch, assuming you don’t already have an icon library. You can…

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