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I once had an idea for a useful HR product. As I had worked in HR for several years, I faced particular obstacles that would be solved with the help of this product. I was absolutely certain that it would become extremely popular as soon as it was released. I had resources and project requirements — it was time to move forward.

“Wait a sec,” my mentor said. “Are you sure the market really needs your product?”

“Sure,” I answered. “I need it and several of my colleagues think it’s a really cool idea.”

There was one nuance connected with…

It is quite difficult to overestimate the importance of a team, as these are people who are at the basis of the company’s success. Lets recollect a research by Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great”, where one of the foremost tasks of successful companies was nothing other than the formation of an efficient team.

“Those who have built great companies understand that an essential growth buster is not a market, technologies, competitors or a product. A crucial factor is an ability to find and retain people who are really important for the company.” — Jim Collins

In this…

Most companies have business goals they wish to achieve. The question is whether these goals are properly formulated. Success depends on either the goals themselves or the path of achievement.

If goals are set without taking into account factors regarding the company, the market, or the clients, they will be left as beautiful words on paper. Moreover, it can lead to negative results for your company and its management.

Working on inadequate goals is not a motivation for success, and might even backfire, resulting in demotivated employees and unsatisfying indices.

In order to formulate successful goals, I recommend these 4 simple steps:

1. Hold a preliminary analysis of reality

To build a good plan for the future, it is…

The right formulation of objectives and key results is one of the most widespread difficulties when starting to work with this methodology. If they don’t fit the criteria, the possibility of their achievement is reduced to nothing.

If we do not focus on essential things and a clear understanding of where we are going and the way we will measure our success, we get something unclear that leads us away from success.

When we use the neatly formulated OKR, we get:

  • Common ground. The more clearly all the statements are written, the less misunderstanding and discrepancy arises within the team working on the OKR achievement.
  • Full concentration. Performers are…

Would you like to start using OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology?

Or you are already using it but have lots of difficulties? Or you’ve heard about this program and are now curious about finding out the details and presenting it to colleagues? Then, this article is meant for you!

What are OKRs?

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a methodology for company goal achievement.

It stands out with its flexibility and simplicity to approach, openness, high involvement of employees at all levels, and the ambitiousness of goal setting.

Cyclicity, typical for OKR, usually takes three months to develop — a quarter, so…

Starting to work with OKR methodology, the company faces a series of challenges and indefinite.

Usually, managers generate questions times faster than answers, and sometimes they just want to quit everything. This difficult OKR may seem after first efforts.

In reality, OKR is not so difficult as it seems — if to look into this in more detail then implementation and work with this goal achievement framework is quite simple.

In this article, we’ll look at 10 the most popular questions of managers who were to implement OKR in the company.

1. What are the key benefits of OKR?


You may have an ideally built performance review system, but sooner or later you’ll realize that without repeating processes much time will be spent on supporting systems in a working and stable condition but not on a strategy and improvements.

In this article I’ll outline 5 ways to improve Performance Review with the help of HR-soft implementation:

1. Systematizing of feedback

One of the key Performance review elements is feedback on employees either from his teammates or manager, or client and even from him/herself.

The more employees you have the more often you need to gather feedback and from more people.

As a result, HR soon receives lots of tasks, e.g. to send a form for feedback collection, remind that you…

One of the trickiest issues that are often faced by managers is team involvement in goal achievement.

A common situation is when employees brilliantly do their routine work but are not ready to accept assistance in achieving strategic objectives. The main point of this article is to provide you with working tips, with the help of which you will be able to involve your team in goal achievement.

1. Invite the team to take part in setting goals

It happens that we take much to heart things we took part in. The same when it’s about objectives. One thing when it is an already formed list of goals which was…

OKR is more often spoken about in the business environment. It is a framework for goals achievement popularized by Google. But one thing is to speak about it and the other is to implement it. In this article, we are going to highlight 5 key reasons why your company should begin using OKR.

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a methodology on business goals achievement. It is based on a synchronization of professional goals of each employee and big company ones. It stands by its flexibility (as a rule, planning is made for 3 months with weekly reports and prioritization).And…

If your company works on the basis of goals then probably you insert them to Google Sheets. At first sight, it seems handy. You can fix there everything you need to achieve in 3,6 or 12 months and regularly check where you are at the moment.

Unfortunately, practice shows that doc with set goals is usually forgotten. A team is lost in routine and when it comes to outlining results about half of it turns out to be incomplete.

This happens because it’s necessary to make small steps forward on a regular basis but not a big push before the…

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