The Reluctant Chef: Simple Low-Carb Chicken Salad

Hey Team!

Alright so, quick disclaimer: I am not a professional chef. To be honest, I don’t quite consider myself a chef of any kind. I suppose, with the passage of time, that could change. For now, consider me a writer who loves food passionately. I believe everyone should be able to cook but I do not believe cooking should be time consuming. Everyone needs food. Quite frequently. It should not take forever. And that’s that.

This salad is really really quick. Whenever food bloggers say this, I get panicky because it literally means the recipe is going to have ingredients that I most certainly DO NOT possess. But trust me, guys, I mean it. It’s super easy and super quick. If you’re vegan, I’m certain you’ll have alternatives for the animal products used. If you don’t, I really feel like you’re not vegan-ing properly.

Ingredients: Lettuce (duh), egg (s), chopped chicken, yoghurt, honey, oil, lemon, salt, black pepper, chopped chilli, garlic (if you’re about that life) and optimism because honestly who enters their kitchen with negative vibes. Fix up, dear.


Chop the lettuce. Use as much lettuce as you wish. A cup of lettuce has like 1.5 grams net carbs so go crazy. Unless you eat more than a baby whale, in which case, sofri-sofri dear. I usually try to chop my lettuce ahead of time so the water drains out. It makes sense in my head please let’s move on.

Cook the chicken. If it’s not cooked, that is. I usually make a whole bunch of chicken however I want and keep aside for different salad recipes because I’ve been on the biggest salad thing (aka I just had a baby and my body turns water to fat). Shred this chicken or chop it up into bits. I saute the chicken in some oil and black pepper for it to come alive, you guys.

Yoghurt dressing loading, innit. Alright so two tablespoons of plain yoghurt please save that vanilla stuff. Throw in a dash of black pepper. As much as you like, not that you’ll be sad and keeping it in your chest. Some salt, just to taste. A teaspoon of honey, to add a bit of sweetness. You’re going for a tangy dressing so the lemon adds a kick. I’d use a small one or half a large one. OR FREE THE LEMON DEAR, this life na one. Chopped chilli because that is the real spice. Personally, I’d use ata-rodo because black pepper alone is for Caucasians. Add two tablespoons of oil and a clove of garlic. If all you have in your house is yoghurt, salt, pepper and oil, the dressing can still enter but I suggest honey because things can quickly go left.

I pour the dressing over the chicken bits to coat them then use the leftover dressing for the lettuce. The chicken goes over the lettuce. Gbam. Salad.

P.S: The egg is simply fried sunny-side up with oil or bitter and drizzled with black pepper. Yes, I know I’m a hypocrite. Black pepper is so great.