Lessons Learned — Creative Founders

I have to admit, before taking Creative Funders I knew what I was going to get myself into, kind of… I had heard all of it; The good and the bad — the drama, the sleepless nights, but most importantly, people came out of that class differently than how they came in. Whether that change came through a mostly positive or negative experience, at the end everybody learned something new that helped them grow as entrepreneurs, as designers, and as people.

And so, I decided to take on this experience for myself.

To be honest, when coming to the class, the goals of learning how to become and entrepreneur or building a startup from the ground up were not in my top priority learning goals I had for the class. Yes, I knew I would learn some methods on the process of building a startup, but I had never really imagined or pictured myself founding one (ironically, I did my summer internship at a startup), so I kept it on the back of my head. My top three goals where: 1. Become better at public speaking during presentations 2. Learn how to be concise when presenting, and 3. Learn how to be persuasive and convincing to my audience through a combination of my previous two goals, and through strategizing the content presented. …

This week team, BAX presented our pitch and demo practice before our final startup pitch presentation to our professors, our classmates, and… *DUN DUN DUN*…our guest panel of judges/investors.

I will be honest, I was feeling both confident but at the same time a bit hesitant about our pitch and demo practice before we presented. …


Andrés Hurtado

UX Designer, Researcher and Strategist who strives to empower healthy and resilient communities. CCA alumn. https://www.andres.design/

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