When someone you know becomes someone you knew

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A decade ago, every day, you were with him/her. You spent your time with that person. You have memories, you remember adventures, that party where you got drunk… What do you know about that person now? Is it a stranger for you?

“It’s sad when people you know become
people you knew, When you can walk
right past someone like they were
never a big part of your life.” Hanry Rollins

The same pattern

I had many friends in the childhood, at high school, but now, I stayed in touch with only a few of them. Now, when I am done with my University I could see the same pattern. I could see how people with whom I was spending time on a daily basis become strangers to me.

Maybe I am guilty for that, maybe if I had put more effort in that relationship that would not happen. It’s just maybe, who knows. In most cases, one person loses interest and then other person gives up. We stop to chat, we stop to call… As a result, we become strangers again.

Your everything becomes a stranger again

That is not just the case with friends, it’s the same with love. How a person with which you were sharing dreams, planned the future; the person that was your everything becomes a stranger again?

We should not allow that to happen. If we have a connection with someone, if we enjoy their company, we should fight for that person whatever is it, a loved one or a friend. If we don’t, she/he will become the same like before, a stranger.

I just don’t know who

I guess it’s not the case just for me, I see a lot of examples all around. Just look for it, just try to remember where that one person from your memory is now? I spend my time with many people on daily basis. But, you know what is sad? A few years from now, many of them will be just strangers. I just don’t know who.

One last thing…

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