I see a light at the end of this tunnel, it is closing in, consuming me. I cannot run, neither forward nor backwards. Where do I want to infact? I am perplexed. What is it that I hear? Some electronic beeping sounds from somewhere far. The light is luring, it looks liberating, but something is holding me back. The memories. I hear someone mumbling. I fail to decipher it. What I leave behind? I look back. Memories flash by, fast. I shut my eyes. Someone is running towards me. A girl, she looks scared. She bears a resemblance to me. She clutches on to my hand, hard, it doesn’t hurt though. She smiles at me. She looks satiated. She had expected the world, it went beyond her reach. She dreamt. Of a paradise. She tells me that I have come a long way, a difficult one. I have done okay. She says, “You failed, you were broken, you had fallen down, but you didn’t stop.” She says she is proud of me. I smile, faintly. She takes me forward. I am scared. What lies ahead of me?



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