What is the way out of the labyrinth?

And there I quote a persistent question from the novel, 'Looking for Alaska’. This was my last read and I totally fell in love with the concept of the book, how can a person, in countable pages, potray such beautiful ideas which can push anyone into the pangs of a provoking thought process which makes us question our existence, it’s significance, the matter of death, the life beyond it and all sort of intriguing questions. So coming to the question, what is the way out of this labyrinth, the way out of this maze? But what is this maze? Is it the maze of life or of death or that of suffering? There lies the question, what is the labyrinth of? That is what is left for the reader to ponder over. We are all lost stars, we are all in mess, we all are turmoiled within, we all are stuck in our maze, struggling to find a way out of it? But at times, when the struggle seems to become languid and faint, we shuffle and settle into a place in the back corner of this maze, consoling the mind that this is where we are supposed to be, this is my place and that we are happy there. But when stubbornness is what defines us, we keep on going further on and on in this quest of chalking a way out of it. We all have different labyrinths and we all have different ways to come out of it. Personally I believe that time is what can take us out of the labyrinth, time is indeed that ocean current which knows where it’s flowing, it knows it’s destination about which the travelers are unaware.

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