Sprint 1: Interaction Design

In studio, we were tasked with creating and designing a data collection citizen science app for plant health in King County. To narrow down the topic of plant health, we brainstormed specific users and scenarios. Then we were told to make an app for one of the specific cases we came up with.

Brainstormed ideas on board

Personally, I chose to create an app around the health of lawns across King County. The app is called Green My Lawn. The app revolves around photo and numeric data uploading to help scientists gather data on lawns. Sketches were drawn out on the SNote app and not on paper. I used an app prototyping software called POP(Prototyping on Paper) that linked the sketches into a prototype. I showed a potential user the application and they stated that it was easy to navigate and functional for the user as well.

How can we enable citizens to help environmental researchers collect useful data for their studies ?
Students brainstorming ideas for geotagging interaction

Below is a video of the product demo of the app, Green My Lawn.

Video Demo of Green My Lawn


Creating a citizen science app is difficult, because of the importance of balancing user satisfaction/rewarding and data collection for scientists. This was a rather challenging task, because I had to find a way to encourage users to continue participating in the data collection. Inherently, users who took interest in their lawn would continue data collection while those who didn’t wouldn’t. By creating a grass point system, I found a way to partly find a solution to this problem.


Designing the app on POP was a very quick and straightforward way of prototyping an idea. By simply sketching on paper and uploading photos of sketches, a user can literally create an “app” in a matter of minutes. Using POP was my favorite part about this Sprint, because of its usefulness outside of this class.

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