AI Camp @ Open Camps + AI Bootcamp + MIRIx

Three Big Announcements: AI Camp @ Open Camps + AI Bootcamp + MIRIx

AI Camp at Open Camps
The United Nations is hosting a technology conference from July 8–17. It is a way to connect technologist and the advancements in IT to the real world problems that the UN is tackling everyday. A couple of members of the AI community in New York, including myself, are assisting with developing the AI @ Open Camps (Tuesday July 12th, 2016) for the event. We are looking for speakers, volunteers, sponsors and people to come to the event. This will be a yearly event and although this year might be small, next year it will be huge. 
 What: Open Camps 
 Where: United Nations
 When: July 8th — 17th.
 Time: All Day
 What: AI Camp @ Open Camps
 When: United Nations
 Day meet: 9am — 5pm
 Night meet: 6pm — 9pm
 (FYI, I am working on the website, so if anyone wants to help, give me a holler).
 We will be looking for more partnerships to develop this group and AI @ Open camps. If your company is interested, or you know anyone who would like to participate, please email me at:

AI Bootcamp
As you know, the mission of AI @ CUMC is to mix the coffeehouse culture of the Enlightenment with the ethos of the modern day hackerspace to shape AI research. Since artificial intelligence will be one of the pillars that will define the 21st century, it is essential that this technology is defined by the people, for all the people. Overall, the idea is the connect the philosophy, mathematics and engineering towards the development of artificial intelligence. 
The AI bootcamp that we are developing will serve as the backbone for the engineering component. The goal of the bootcamp is to create the technical framework to teach people in the community how to use, deploy, and research AI in the real economy. We working on partnering up with the Community League of the Heights (which is literally right next door to Word Up and has a large conference room full of 25+ networked computers) to develop this further. Preliminary discussion has placed a launch date of around late August/Early September. Our proposal can be found here:

Artificial Intelligence training proposal for The Artificial Intelligence Foundation aka The Foundation.

Community League of the Heights
Best of all, it will be FREE! This will keep in line with the Enlightenment philosophy and the pervious works of Peter Cooper (founder of Cooper Union), Townsend Harris (founder of City College of New York), which advocated that education must be accessible to all, so that the diffusion of knowledge allows for all classes to participate and shape the political economy. There is also the idea to create a technological commons and strengthening connections between people, so that value added technologies can be iterated and adopted quickly.
We are looking for volunteers to help create and structure the project, including the curriculum. If you have any ideas, please feel free to highlight the parts in questions and comment with your name. Also, the citations on the footnotes are off. There isn’t much style. Feel free to comment on the best way to do that: MLA? APA? Chicago style? Harvard style?

 We have also partnered up with the prestigious Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) to create a MIRIx affiliated site. This will allow the community to develop the mathematical skills to contribute to AI research outlined by MIRI, as well as serving as a recruitment tool for the main organization who are looking top talent. So, if you want to live around Silicon Valley do cutting edge AI research, and be paid for it, this can be one way in. Here is looking at you Systems Biology and Computational Neuroscience students at Columbia. 
 Info on MIRIx:

Project “Tech Tree”
Don’t know a lick of math, but are hungry to learn and want to contribute to AI research? You might be in luck. Currently, I am working on a “tech tree” of skills that you will need to know to engage in research. This project will eventually evolve into an online tool that tracks a person’s progress on learning about AI and skills related to AI research. Think Khan Academy’s math tech tree and the interactive examples for it. The idea is having this as one of our internal tools for the AI bootcamp and it will be completely open sourced. 
 If anyone wants to volunteer give me a holler.

Brownie Points:

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Does the tech world really have AI or is it just one big mechanical turk economy, where the labour of millions of people are being expropriated and fed into algorithms, while devaluing their contribution?

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