The Evolution of Managed Marketplaces

Going beyond discovery


Principles of Online Managed Marketplaces

source: iTunes
source: via Anu Hariharan

Provide More Value Through Software → Capture More Business


For any one of our stores, we’ll have forecasts going out into the future. How many deliveries do we think we can do given the staffing levels that we have and the commitments we’ve made already for shoppers? How many additional deliveries could we take in? As long as we have a lot of additional capacity, we leave those windows open.

As soon as capacity starts to look like we’re going to run out in time, we begin to busy-price. And once we’re at the point where we’re sure we can’t take any additional ones, we’ll turn the delivery window off entirely.

Demand “Shock Absorbers” by Jeremy Stanley, source:

Opportunities abound for Managed Marketplaces



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