Ensemble learning algorithms are effectively being used for decades in a lot of areas for a different set of tasks: Analytics, Recommendation engine construction, Marketing Personalization, Fraud Detection.

You’re probably familiar with these concepts if you use services like Amazon or Netflix. …

AI4ML — Machine Learning and Analytics Platform

1. An AI Machine Learning (ML) model that can predict individual credit delinquency patterns & trends over a specified period

Using a dataset of 100,000 banking clients, we set out to demonstrate or to predict the Credit Delinquency patterns and trends across this number. We used 70,000 of the dataset as the source training data for the model and 30,000 as the test data.

Training Dataset: 70 000 instances

Test/Control Dataset: 30 000 instances for testing


The results are fascinating, the system predicted that overall 646 out of 30,000 will experience serious delinquency over the next 2 years and this was proved as accurate 392 times. …

Recently AILabs in partnership with Australia/US based B2B DevOps company launched an AI powered Business Intelligence service/product that helps businesses explore important data insights and train predictive models. It is available for public use at www.ai4ml.com (7 days free trial included).

Here are some examples of how organizations could benefit from applying AI4ML to historical data:

More examples in bankingAI4ML for banking sector

AI4ML — Machine Learning and Analytics platform. www.ai4ml.com

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