Why unprotected sex becomes a problem for us? — AfterPill® Emergency Contraceptive

Why unprotected sex becomes a problem for us.

The answer is too simple to understand. Because, we aren’t ready for the consequences.

Especially, when you don’t want to conceive and you suddenly come to know that you’re now pregnant, it sounds like a problem.

Though you know you can use Emergency Contraception Plan B Pill for Women, the thoughts of disapproving looks and embarrassing questions of the people at medical store make you worried about it.

So, the real problem is how the person at medical store and other people will look at you and the questions such as what if they ask me this, what if they ask me that, etc. etc. All these questions make you worried about that.

So, how to buy yourself Plan B emergency contraception pill without facing those disapproving looks and embarrasing questions?

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Sounds easy? Surely, it does.

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