Case study: The Future of Chatbots: ROI, Customer Loyalty, and Revenues

AI & Big Data Expo
Jan 31, 2018 · 9 min read
#AIexpo website snapshot of moderator and panelists
AI in the Consumer & Digital Transformation Stage

Challenges of building chatbots for the first time? and let me play the Devil Advocate role, can you share stories about how things have gone well and bad?

How do you inject personality into your chatbot? How differently you use your chatbot platform from the regular versions?

What kind of issues or challenges chatbots can solve?

How important is for your company to provide an answer to user questions real-time?

#AIExpo panel about “Chatbots — the next generation of messaging apps” in Santa Clara

What are the metrics you are looking using chatbots? How are you planning to scale it?

What are the chatbots capabilities you will like to use?

How to convince the leadership to deploy a chatbot and allocate a budget?

What do you decide to go after? What are your goals both on a short and long term?

In 140 characters what is your take on the future of chatbots?

Audience questions:


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