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With so many schools now closed by the Coronavirus pandemic, teachers, parents, and students have all been pushed into distance learning and are trying to make it work.

I have taught in the classroom in higher education settings for more than a decade. I know how challenging online learning is, especially for parents who are not trained educators.

In this article, I will share a framework that will bring structure, confidence, and success to your homeschooling and distance learning experience.

This article is based on a live training that I recently did. You can watch the replay below.

Watch this FREE training on homeschool and distance learning: Practical Tips + Homework…

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After battling with my inner fear for an hour, finally, I clicked on the “send” button on my email.

OMG! 🙈

Did I just send an email to the one and only Seth Godin to ask him to be a guest on my weekly Facebook live streaming show?

Yes! I did!

minutes later, Seth Godin responded to my email and he said,

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A screenshot of part of the email that Seth sent to me.


Seth said that I was showing up for people and leading!

These few words from Seth meant the world to me!

I was elated.

I immediately announced this on LinkedIn and you could literally see my excitement. …

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Every time I read one of Mark Schaefer’s books, I find myself saying, “this is the best marketing book ever.” I found myself repeating that same line again as I was indulging in Mark’s latest release, .

Wow! What a book!

I actually read the book during a family vacation to Bali. It was the most perfect vacation with sunshine ☀️, beach 🏖, a drink 🍸, and a book by a marketing genius, Mark Schaefer. At that moment, life felt perfect.

fundamentally disrupts common beliefs — misperceptions — about how social media and marketing should work. It provides sharp and oftentimes counterintuitive insights into why so many companies fail at digital marketing; it also provides hope by offering strategies and tactics that marketers can apply to generate profit while adopting a humanistic and values-based approach to business and selling. The truth is, when done right, marketing can bring satisfaction to customers and positive changes to our society. …


Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang | #ClassroomWithoutWalls

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