A Millennial’s Perspective on Learning, Education, Social Media, & Technology

Millennials are the emerging mainstay of our modern workforce. However, we all have all sorts of perceptions and preconceptions about this generation. As an educator and a social media professor, I am always interested in learning more about how this generation perceives learning, technology, and social media.

I had the honor to engage in an hour-long conversation with a recent college graduate, Emily Hayes (@emercis), regarding learning, technology, and social media. Emily told stories and shared insights that helped me understand my teaching practice from a new perspective.

If you are a professor or educator, many of your students probably belong to the Millennial generation. Please watch the replay of our interview or read the highlights here, because it will make you think twice about your teaching practice or pedagogical approach. I promise you.

Who’s Emily Hayes

Emily Hayes is a recent college graduate from the University of Louisville, with a major in Strategic Communication. Emily has a passion for learning and social media marketing. I frequently see and interact with Emily on various Twitter chats that I join regularly. It always feel refreshing to see a student who is so passionate about learning and takes her education and future in her own hands. Emily has just completed an internship position at a Marketing and Advertising Agency. She is about to start a new chapter in her life as a communication professional.

Here’s a recap of my conversation with Emily.

What’s the most popular tool among millennials nowadays?

✅ Instagram is the clear winner. Honestly, I was shocked to hear this from Emily, because I had always been under the impression that Snapchat was the most popular social site among millennials. Clearly, I might be wrong. As Emily shared,

I have absolutely become obsessed…

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