Japanese keep them secret.

In recent years, the Internet spread explosively, and an opportunity that ordinary people appeared in the media increased. There are a lot of people who use Social Networking Service such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat in the world. As you can see from the graph below, Social Networking Service users are increasing every year. Japanese people also use it a lot. However, there is a different thing in using it between foreign people and Japanese people.

What is difference about it?

Do you like to show your faces on Social Networking Service? Personally, I don’t like it, so I don’t show so much my pictures on it. Actually, foreign people usually show their information such as face pictures, ages, sexes, and birthdays. On the other hand, Japanese people do not want to do it. Actually, they don’t show their information too much. They have lower self-disclosure frequency in particular, about the name and photographs of the face, companies’ and schools’ name of the assignment than other countries. In other words, Japanese people do not like to disclose the information that an individual is identified. In fact, Japanese people are constantly lowest rank when the strength of the claim in Japan, the United States, and China is searched.

In addition, they also don’t add many people as their friends compared to foreign users who have a lot of people on Social Networking Service. Japanese people have fairly few numbers of the friends, and the number is less than a quarter on an average compared to foreign people. If even acquaintances are not so close, they do not tend to add them as friends on Social Networking Service while foreign people add even people that they have never met before.

Considering these difference about Social Networking Service between Japanese and foreign people, it can be said that Japanese people are mystics. A nation’s character is related to the way of using Social Networking Service.

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