DAY27–31 intern in Deutschland : Hard work, Documentation and Last time

We continue work on our project. Polishing and testing along the rest of the week. Most of problem is Layer system, they quite hard to handle it. You need to plan in advances how many layer do you want to use because if you have to modify it, it’s harder if you not plan.

Here is some screenshot from our completed project.

Title screen, Chapter selection screen, Introduction screen and Example the end of level(Chapter 1 — level1)

After hard work we achieve project and presentation. They plan to use it in some primary school! It’s honorary for me that doing project for Germany government, very excited.

Then we have to teach them some fundamental of Unity for extending contents in the future.

But we made software documentation for them. In there we explained details of program and how to modify it.

We delivered our software to them via Memory card which contains . . .

CALLIOPE Game(The old project)

  • Project folder
  • Build for Windows and MacOS platform
  • HEX files for flashing CALLIOPE

CALLIOPE Interactive Lesson

  • Project folder
  • Build for Windows and MacOS platform
  • Software Documentation
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