ArenaX Labs Raises $5M Seed Round from Leading Venture Capital Firms to Accelerate Development of AI Arena

AI Arena
3 min readOct 27, 2021


We are thrilled to announce that we have closed a $5 million Seed round for ArenaX Labs, the parent company of AI Arena. This round is led by Paradigm with participation by Framework. The funds will be used to accelerate the development of AI Arena, an Ethereum native game where players all over the world can purchase, train and battle characters powered by real artificial intelligence in a PvP style fighting game.

Accelerating Our Vision
At ArenaX Labs, we want to help bring AI to the masses. At the starting point of our journey, we set out to create a gaming platform that helps to broaden AI adoption and create a win-win-win dynamic. Researchers win because they can capture and monetize their IP through tokenized AI. Users win because they can play our game and collect productive NFTs that appreciate in value within a Play-to-Earn ecosystem. AI wins because we hope to inspire the next generation of researchers who will create new solutions in other domains.

We now have more resources to expand the team and accelerate the development of our platform. We are grateful for the invaluable advice, feedback and support from our investors and early community members. With the financing secured, we stand confident in taking this platform to the next level.

Our Investors
AI Arena is a project at the intersection of several domains, including: AI/ML, crypto, gaming and NFTs. We always knew that we wanted to partner with leaders who have the foresight, vision and imagination to see our potential, and join us on our journey.

As such, we are thrilled to partner with Paradigm and Framework. We have admired their work from afar and it is beyond exciting to have the opportunity to work side-by-side with such high caliber teams.

We love the team and think the concept of AI characters as collectibles is ingenious. We’re excited to see how crypto and game mechanics can help drive forward innovation and reward researchers in artificial intelligence.

— Dan Robinson, Paradigm

AI Arena is a fascinating project because it is a monetization and education platform wrapped in a fun-to-play NFT game. We think this a great example of how Web3 enables fundamentally new models and look forward to being a part of what’s to come.

— Michael Anderson, Framework

The Best is Yet to Come

So far, we have been testing out the core gaming mechanics within a very small group. Soon we will be broadening our beta to a wider audience. We are looking for AI/ML researchers, DeFi degens, NFT enthusiasts, and gamers of all stripes to join us in our journey. If you are excited by our mission or just want to kick butt in the Arena, come join us!

Get involved in our community, check out our job postings and reach out to us to collaborate!

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AI Arena

AI Arena is on a mission to foster AI intuition and literacy for all through a breakthrough gaming experience.