What do you know about Data Scientarium Hackathon?

On 22–24 September, AI Booster hosted Data Scientarium Hackathon at UNIT Factory.

Participants worked on the projects in two nominations: “Medicine” and “AI-helper for PM”. In the first one the task was to come up with an idea and create prototype of an AI-solution in medicine. The task in the second nomination was to automatically generate technical task from user stories.

In the nomination “Medicine” the General Partner of the Hackathon, venture fund Haxus offered $1500 as the prize for the best solution. In “AI-helper for PM”, Startup Partner venture studio Colab stated it’s readiness to invest in the best project.

Triangu helped the participants by offering virtual infrastructure and Amazon Web Services to all the willing teams, using its status of AWS Consulting Partner.

Participants worked non-stop for 48 hour, using Data Analysis, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, NLP, Deep Learning, with the help of experienced mentors: Artur Kiulian (Colab), Dzianis Pirshtuk ( InData Labs (Minsk, Belarus), Alexander Chekan (Haxus), Sergey Borislavskiy (Vodafone), Vadym Kovalenko (Triangu), Anna Liednikova (DataRoot Labs), Vitaliy Radchenko (Ciklum), Vitaliy Sahan, Artem Malynovskyi and Ron Fridman from Sincere tech, Andrey Nikishaev (KAIVISION).

Finally, 15 decent projects were pitched on Sunday. Automatic wine quality detection, measuring pulse with video, chat-bot for psychological support of veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, auto-detection of broken bones and cancer with X-ray, diagnosis o different diseases with the picture of a tongue, several different ways to automatically generate technical task from user stories and other awesome prototypes.

In “Medicine” the first place was shared by two teams, Topchik Team who developed the service that estimated person’s health by the picture of his or her tongue (taking into account heart, spine, stomach and bowels) and UDS Club 1 with the chat-bot that helps determine which doctor you should address with every specific issue and finds the closest one.

In the nomination “AI-helper for PM”, as the judge, Artur Kiulian chose the winner, Dream Team 42, who created the solution to automatically generate technical task from user stories using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. By the way, the core of this team are the students of UNIT Factory, the programming school where Data Scientarium took place.

The winners got monetary prizes from Haxus and tickets to Se2017 Conference.

General Partner — Haxus, a funded venture acceleration firm led by serial entrepreneurs and focused on artificial intelligence startups at seed & pre-seed stages.

Start-up Partner — Colab, a Los Angeles-based venture studio that helps early-stage startups build technology products using the benefits of machine learning. Colab has combined company valuations of over $300 million.

Partner — Vodafone. The company will soon launch Big Data Lab. Subscribe here to get your invitation.

Technological Partner — Triangu, an integrator of cloud-based solutions, offered the participants Amazon Web Services infrastructure and DevOps support during the hackathon.

Data Scientarium took place at UNIT Factory, innovative IT school on the territory of UNIT.City, the first technopark in Ukraine.

Organizer — AI Booster, like our facebook page.

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