Conducive Environment for a Think-Tank Team!

A member of a Think-Tank team would always prefer to be closer to nature no matter how spacious or grand his or her office space is. He or She would prefer to be away from frequent meetings or conferences but would often prefer to stay away from the crowd to be more recollected about his or her project. Any professional who foresees the organization’s growth and crisis during its transition from a merely product-centric to a user-centric business, a member of the Think-Tank team would need a one in 30 days meeting only, for any session; it can be a brain storming session or a project-update session.

With more Technology companies investing in spacious and luxury office spaces for employees, stake holders need to understand that a luxury office is not an end in itself and productivity is not guaranteed but it could help raising the productivity level of employees. Here are few companies that just moved into their new office site:-

a) Apple in Cupertino, USA — It is a four-storey building whose design was conceived by its late founder, Steve Job. The cost of its design and architecture is around $5bn and it’s one of the most expensive headquarters ever constructed.

b) Salesforce Tower in San Francisco is another company which invests a lot in its design and would be completed later by this year. It plans to ut on a light show every night which would be visible up to 30 miles away.

No matter how much money is being invested by these tech companies in office space, its essence can be lost because an office space which doesn’t have an exposure to natural sunlight or any element of nature would make employees confine to the four corners of the room. In areas with a temperature of 25 or 26 degree Celsius, small office space is required for meetings or any kind of support function. In terms of operation like product development or R&D, employees must be encouraged to work outdoors and companies need to focus more on an open office space.

The sad thing about such expensive investment in luxury office-space is the use of sensor devices in every workstation and meeting room where employees feel they are constantly monitored. It is advisable to monitor conference or meeting rooms whether they are occupied or not to save electricity cost. Unconstructive work culture should never be encouraged in any organization, irrespective of its size or its brand name.

(With inputs from The Economist 29th April -5th May 2017)