3 Ways Neuromarketing Can Help Marketers To Build A Great Brand

To Avoid Misconceptions with the terms Marketing and Neuromarketing. Lets Start with knowing the difference between them.

Neuromarketing Versus Marketing

Marketing: It is a field devoted to influence people to like things/products/services…. I hope it makes sense. And ultimately it targets audience to buy the product/services. Including things which they need and also which they may not needed. So, everyone tries to influence people brains now and always.

Neuromarketing: It is a new way to measure whether and how marketing/ marketing campaigns are performing. Neuromarketers believe it’s a better way to measure marketing because it’s based on a more realistic understanding of how consumer’s brains operate.

So, if you believe that influencing brains is a bad thing, then, in our opinion, your complaint is with marketing, not with neuromarketing.

Now let’s look into the 3 Major Ways Neuromarketing can help marketers to understand consumer behavior better.

  1. It Can tell marketers what’s going on in people’s brain while they are experiencing a marketing stimulus.
  2. It Can tell marketers how brains react to marketing stimuli presented in different situations, contexts and designs.

For example,

  • Seeing you add all alone or seeing your ad beside your competitor’s products ad
  • At different pricing points
  • In a store versus in online
  • Using different colors/fonts/text placements

3. It can tell marketers how brains translate those reactions into consumer decisions and behaviors. For example, how a customer decides to buy a product/service or switching loyalty to a new brand.

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