Useful Tip for Freelancers to Engage Prospects

As a freelancer, have you been keeping track of your prospects and communicating with them? If you haven’t, you might be losing crucial valuable leads.

To avoid such situations, you can consider using MailChimp — a email marketing service to keep in touch with your prospects. You can simply sign up for a free account here and create different lists within MailChimp to contact different groups of people. With a MailChimp account, you’ll be able to:

  1. Keep in touch with your prospects.
  2. Send promotional emails to your prospects.
  3. Send festive/New Year wishes to your prospects.

If you’re using Gmail (or Google Apps), there is also an extension called Toolny Gmail to MailChimp which aim to help freelancers like yourself to save contacts in MailChimp directly from within Gmail. This streamlined process aims to provide convenience and reduce your time spent on managing your lists within MailChimp.