Shopping Assistant: ML Approach


Shopping is always a trend, it is a never-ending activity. Most of the times customers fail to understand the actual quality and better alternatives. Considering the future, most of the consumer shops will be automated just like Amazon Go. So human interactions will be minimal and there would be no option for the customers to inquire about the products. This creates a need for a solution to solve the above scenario.


The proposed solution for the above problem statement is an Android Application that acts as an Information Centre for the customers. The frontend is the App user interface and the backend is implemented in the cloud service.

The input to this system is an image scanned with the android application and the current coordinate of the user while scanning the product using the Android Application. Once the user scans the product, the input data is forwarded to the cloud and the data processing is performed. The result is then put back to the user’s Android Application.

The customer will be able to view information of the scanned product such as user reviews, original cost, tax, the status of the product, howTo(s), alternatives and location of the same product nearby. If the product is a food item then corresponding recipes will be provided.

Such a System will ensure that the customers are aware of the product they wish to buy. Genuine reviews from thousands of other customers will confirm the quality and usability of the product.

Author: Vishnuprasad, Member, AI Club VAST

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