don’t look away

west coast rain
shower me
into your
feel nothing,
do all,
fear less,
stand tall.
breaking down
failing limbs,
try to find
will to live.
crumbling earth
dirty seas,
rotten lies,
cheats and thieves.
and your god
tell me please,
find pleasure
in shaky knees.
breathe softly,
roll the dice.
holy world,
scorn for christ?
elixir saves
the kid in me.
they all say
“reap what you sow”
and still expect
the world to grow.
pay the price
for blurry lines,
broken bones and
mind can’t see
how we survive.
just envision
how we die.
“you can change”
the figure says,
who’s returned a 
puzzled look instead.
in the mirror
the figure stands.
sunken eyes,
drink in hand. 
“turn around”,
the figure states.
“it’s your life,
don’t look away.”