Zeit, Now, and Satellite Product Marketing
Kahlil Lechelt

Thank you Kahlil for putting together this post. I’m a fan of Guillermo Rauch, and have been following his ZEIT offerings since day one. Due to lack of time to get my itchy hands on the wonderful product line, this post serves as a good summary and refresher. I feel like I’m motivated again to check out ZEIT again, and bind my mental affinity to ZEIT for my future projects.

Another things to point out, the team ZEIT satellite products are not tide to Now. In other words, developers can use and enjoy the benefits without the requirement to deploy to Now. I found this is a very graceful approach.

While we are on this, make sure to check out other creative open source projects by and around the ZEIT team: https://github.com/zeit and https://github.com/zeit/awesome-zeit

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