The LGBTQ’s Sexualization of Children

There is a 42% suicide rate among the transgender community. This is higher than that of American slaves and Jews in concentration camps. This suicide rate is what liberal parents and the LGBTQ+ community is pushing children into. Letting a child change their gender is child abuse, and it is sexualizing children. First of all, I feel like everyone should be able to agree that four year olds can’t pick out their own outfits, so why is the LGBTQ+ community allowing them to go onto irreversible puberty blockers? Especially since 98% of children who don’t go through transition grow out of identifying as trans. This is illogical and in some cases it can ruin that child’s life. As low as 12.7% and as high as 33.5% of transitioned male to female cannot climax. Maybe that’s why the suicide rate it so high. I feel as a nation built on conservative beliefs this issue needs to be looked into with further detail, and if someone says that it’s immoral they aren’t banned off Twitter.