Justice for Wowzer

I’m going to try and start things off with a justification to myself, because there’s no way that ***I*** could possibly be so self involved as to begin a blog as an exhibitionist. No. That’s not me at all. I need more noble goals than simply putting myself out there. What would be the point of half-assedly starting a blog if the aims were the exact same of some weak snapchat picture? A lightning fast ego boost that wears off as quick as it takes to send it.

No thanks, who in their right mind could be so self involved… So while I haven’t thought a huge amount about this I’m going to run down a quick list of why I’m keeping myself up when I am desperately tired.

  1. < — Just as a thing, I tried to put a bracket there and medium corrected it to a dot. We’re already off to an awkward start, me and this website. No change there from my day to day interaction then I suppose!
  2. ← It’s just redeemed itself by automatically putting that 2 there. Also added a real neat arrow.
  3. I’ve got a brand shiny new computer and I’d like to get better at typing on its brand shiny new keyboard. Although truthfully I’m already getting used to it, so I might be accomplishing this goal quicker than I thought. I’m also going to need to have some sort of pretense for teaching English so it’s nice to actually put the writing of it into practice outside of conversational messages, which other than filling in forms and general internet bullshit is 100% of what I have been writing.
  4. Things in my life are about to get significantly more interesting. The me that was tweeting about getting drunk in my bedroom is essentially the exact same person right now. Different bedroom and cheaper beer, but really things have remained almost identical for me since I turned 18. I saw someone on 420chan once say “it’s not 2015, it’s 2011 part 4” and that’s how I’ve felt. I’ve had an AMAZING time but there’s been absolutely no advancement. In the past week this has changed and in the next few days shit is really going to kick into action. I already love re-reading my old inane tweets, so what could be more fitting than even LONGER and even MORE INANE posts I make myself? There’s probably a good description of why people like to write diaries (being a self involved cunt har har har).
  5. I once read in “The Beach” that it’s bad to keep diaries or take photos, because all that happens is that your memories become only what you wrote down or took photos of. I subscribed to this pretty heavily because I was an edgy teenager (I was like 21) and thought all selfies and photographs were vapid. Since then I’ve discovered all I end up doing is looking through the few photos I have of myself and my friends and kid of wishing there were more. This applies to writing about events too. I don’t have a great memory and I think it’s important to commit some things to text, just to remind yourself of how you felt at a certain time.
  6. I already wrote sprawling uninteresting posts on 420chan and onestly I always enjoyed doing it. This was when I wasn’t even up to anything EXCITING. I’ve sometimes thought about a collection of all my posts on that website being displayed for me to read. It would be shameful but I’d enjoy it, because it’s me being me and I fucking love myself.

That’s a pretty lazy list I’ve gone and thrown together there but I know it’s going to do because I know there’s not a huge chance of many people ever reading this….ever…. I’ve come across similar projects before and aside from a few powerful exceptions I always feel like they are kinda sad. I guess I’m defending against that the way I defend against anything. Trying to be subversive and ironic so I can paint off my innability to commit as “the joke”. The one guy I know who has a proper blog he updates is a bit of a weirdo, I really don’t wanna become like him.

Another thing I aint really 100% on is the anonimity of this website. Realistically I don’t have any real issue with it being discovered by people I know, but when I think about it people I know are the last people I’d want to know have seen it. Whatever, we’ll need to wait and see.

So this so far has been dull and sprawling, but perhaps at one point I’ll get the hang of it and begin to write things better. Writing runs in the family and I’ve got some cool shit coming up. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t kind of excited.

Have a nice day everyone!

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