By James Clear

The Surprising Power of Atomic Habits

We convince ourselves that massive success requires massive action. Actually, the inverse is true: Small improvements accumulate into remarkable results.

Why monetizing your podcast with a listener-supported membership is far less work than you may think.

Why subscription revenue is less time-consuming, more predictable, and the future of podcast monetization

By Annie Duke

Why thinking in bets can help us make better decisions

Life is Poker, not Chess

The decisions we make in our lives (business, saving and spending, health and lifestyle, relationships, parenting, etc) involve luck, uncertainty, risk, and occasional deception — prominent elements…

What we learned from relaunching our SaaS app and earning #1 on Product Hunt, without alienating everyone around us

The 🔑 to success? Cat gifs. If your app has cats, marry them with Product Hunt’s (illustration by Emma Bell)

By Chip & Dan Heath

What are Sticky Ideas?

The ideas most of us traffic in every day are interesting, but not sensational. Truthful, but not mind-blowing. Important, but not ‘life or death’.

Aidan Hornsby

Founder of DoubleUp (, co-founder of Supercast ( Admirer of simplicity, fan of excess. Sharing notes at

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