How to Turn Your Podcast into a Product Your Listeners Will Want to Pay For

Why monetizing your podcast with a listener-supported membership is far less work than you may think.

Productizing your podcast with a premium membership

Step 1: Package up content you’re already releasing

1. An ad-free version of your show

Ad-free podcast feeds are a core component of all kinds of many different premium podcast subscriptions

2. Your back catalogue

All of these podcasts paywall access to their back catalogue

3. New episodes

4. Early access

Alongside monthly AMAs and other exclusive benefits, FoundMyFitness Premium members get pre-release access to Rhonda’s latest podcast episodes

5. Your community

With three kinds of premium access, Rude Tales of Magic offers access to their Discord at the lowest tier ($5/month), but the highest tier ($30/month) gets access to exclusive creator channels and permissions.
Farnam Street’s Learning Community sees 750 average active members per day.

Step 2: Sell your sawdust

1. Show notes and production diaries

2. Transcripts

3. Ask Me Anythings (AMAs)

Some of Peter’s AMAs are available on his YouTube channel, but new AMAs are only distributed to paying subscribers on his private podcast feed and website.

4. Videos and live broadcasts

Step 3: Set your subscription price

1. Calculating time and effort

2. Assessing audience engagement

3. Determining your “break-even” cost

Start with one kind of subscription

Step 4: Set up your private podcast feed

I’m ready to roll! How do I get started?

Eric Siu uses Supercast to offer different premium membership packages to his listeners

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