Notes on Made to Stick

What are Sticky Ideas?

The Six Principles of Stickiness: The SUCCESs Template

I. Simple

II. Unexpected

III. Concrete

IV. Credibile

V. Emotional

VI. Stories

So how do you make your idea stick?

I. Simplicity

Commander’s Intent

Simple ideas are Core and Compact, like Proverbs

So how do you make a profound Core idea compact?

Accuracy VS Accessibility

II. Unexpected

Getting People’s Attention — Surprise

Keeping People’s Attention — Interest

III. Concrete

Understanding Concreteness

Concrete is Memorable

The Velcro Theory of Memory

Avoiding the Path to Abstraction

Making Ideas Concrete

IV. Credible

The Power of Details

Using statistics

Developing Internal Credibility by using an example that passes The Sinatra Test

Turning the audience into a new source of credibility: Testable Credentials

V. Emotional

Semantic Stretch and the power of association

Appealing to Self-Interest

Emotional, In Summary

VI. Stories

The Un-passive Audience

The Three Plots

Stories, in Summary

The Villains

The Curse of Knowledge

The Tendency to Bury The Lead

Focusing on Presentation, Not The Message

Decision Paralysis

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