The Sports Thread App is College Sport’s Newest Recruiting Tool

Aidan Johnston
2 min readApr 17, 2017


Denver, CO — The growing social media platform based in Colorado known as “Sports Thread” has representatives on campuses around the country and is using content by athletes for athletes to grow into an effective recruiting tool for high school students.

The Sports Thread is becoming the USA’s most extensive social media network for college sports that gives college athletes and students the ability to share their points of view, high school athletes the opportunity to discover the unknown about schools they’re interested in, and users the scoop on what is going on around campuses throughout the country.

The app allows for Live-Video streaming, provides real-time news, videos and photos from on-campus Sports Thread interns to give insight into what the student-athlete lifestyle is really like. Furthermore, these reporters are based in all types of schools — ranging from Power 5, top-tier schools, down to lower division schools who are now getting an outlet to get the national coverage they deserve.

Sports Thread has a deep meaning behind its purpose and the impact it has nationally on the young student-athletes looking to achieve their dreams. The company describes itself as “purpose-driven”, and it aims “to help high school athletes who aspire to play at the collegiate level get inside information about colleges and their sports programs before making life-changing decisions on which school to attend, and to provide college students and athletes a platform to share their experiences.” They have an advisory board with members that truly care about the Sports Thread mission and its goal for becoming a national tool. The board includes College Football Hall-of-Fame Coach Bill McCartney from the Colorado Buffaloes and Dick O’Donnell a veteran Silicon Valley executive and current owner of Rocketman Marketing.

Overall, the Sports Thread effect will be a monumental tool for the recruiting process a high school athlete goes through. It will create a platform for enriching college athletics by giving current athletes a voice and giving prospective student-athletes an inside perspective to the programs recruiting them.

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