3 Reasons Why Congress Should Tell the President: “You’re Fired!”
Adam Rifkin

Dear Congress,

Please give your support to what our beloved President Donald Trump is attempting to achieve regarding healthcare; better relations with other countries, such as Russia (our natural best ally); appointments; the draining of the Swamp (mostly you guys and those who pay you); reversal of the unqualified support for vaccinations (mostly dangerous and ineffective); abolition of the Department of Education; avoiding or exiting war in Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and in general the whole disastrous move towards totalitarianism called ironically the “Arab Spring”; the unmasking of the pretense of those CIA operations we usually call “the mainstream media” with their fake news; his fantastic efforts in reviving the short-term economy; auditing the crimes of the Federal Reserve Bank, Inc.; and his restoration of the rule of law as regards undocumented immigrants who are felons; and, perhaps most importantly, his unprecedented crackdown on various forms of human trafficking, most notably child sex slavery rings.

President Trump’s counter-cultural Truth-telling calls for an end to congressional lies and obfuscations, not to mention outright crimes; support for ISIS and other extremist movements in the Middle East and the blossoming Nazi movement the State Dept. had brought to power in the Ukrainian coup d’etat; and in general the mafioso techniques by which uniformity has been extracted from our representatives for decades.

Please give our President your full (though not unqualified) support. Please also support an immediate end to the Russia Did Something witch hunt, and aid the launching of new criminal investigations of former President Obama, William and Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Richard Comey, John Brennan, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, George W. Bush, John McCain, and other criminal and mafioso elements we collectively call “The Swamp.”

Please resist President Trump’s agenda to build a wall on our southern border, to demonize Iran, to support Israel unquestioningly, to continue demonizing Russia, and to take any new military actions whatsoever abroad unless the U.S. is being directly attacked at arms. Please immediately end all sanctions against Russia.

Please resist the efforts of Attorney General Jeff Sessions to keep the laughable federal policy on cannabis. Please take steps to abolish the delegation of currency creation to the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank, Inc. Please investigate the massive voter fraud which has plagued our nation for years, abolish the law exempting Monsanto from prosecution for its crimes against humanity, and end the cynical “War on Terror,” “War on Drugs,” and put a complete end to the tyrannical and unconstitutional practice of Civil Forfeiture which has turned our law enforcement agencies into mafia operations in many cases.


The American People, to whom your relation is that of servants

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