Sugar is…

Step 1: Google “Sugar is” and see what comes up, or just assume that I’ll do it and show you.

Not sure why sugar island is there but either way, I would probably agree with the rest.

Sugar is really bad for us. New studies are coming out that refer to it as toxic or a poison, and I definitely agree with that. I would also add drug to its description but most people would probably agree with that.

I would never recommend cutting it out completely, because that’s impossible, but there are definitely steps you can take to be healthier that are entirely based on your sugar intake.

First, let’s distinguish between the types of sugar. There is natural sugar and added sugar. Fruit contains a lot of natural sugar (causing it to be sweet) but that sugar isn’t bad.

The problem arises with added or refined sugar, especially because almost everything has it. Most people wouldn’t be willing to buy unhealthy food if it didn’t taste good (ie. full of sugar) so companies can get away with adding crazy amounts of it. Imagine if instead of a snack size Oreo McFlurry having 39 grams of sugar it only had 5. You probably wouldn’t buy it again, unless you had the munchies.

This brings me to my second point, which is the biggest problem with sugar, overconsumption. To begin this section I’m going to teach you the “sugar cube rule”. A standard sugar cube is around 2.3 grams. That means in a can of Pepsi there are (41 grams / 2.3 ) 17 sugar cubes. It’s a lot easier to understand the problem if you can visualize it. The daily added sugar recommendation from the American Heart Association is 38 grams for men and 25 for women. In sugar cube terms that’s only 16 for men and 10 for women per day. Yet the average American consumes 82 grams (35 cubes) per day. If you don’t see the issue, go back to “step 1” and read what comes up in google.

This brings me to step 2. Don’t let sugar fool you. Sugar is one of the sneakiest ingredients as it can often appear in (not so) “healthy” food. Liberté Vanilla Bean Yogurt has 14 grams (6 cubes) per pack. Having 1 of those in the morning and a Pepsi during your afternoon dart break and you’ve already passed the daily recommendation. My recommendation is above all else, read the nutrition facts on the food you buy and if it has a lot of sugar, try to avoid it.

Step 3. This is perhaps the hardest step of them all. Learn to like average. Have you ever tried plain yogurt, All bran cereal or Kind Granola Bars. If you have, you will know none of these taste particularly great. I wouldn’t say they’re gross, but everyone would prefer Captain Crunch cereal or Oreo Yogurt containers. With time, your enjoyment of these “average” things will increase. Your taste buds will adjust and you’ll get enjoyment knowing you chose the healthier option.

There is so much I can talk about regarding sugar and why its bad but if you trust me, above all else, reduce your consumption of added sugar. If you don’t trust me google “sugar leads to” and see what comes up. I’ll give you a hint “happiness” isn’t in the top results.

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