Boardgames, Pokemon Go, & Irn Bru: My Study Abroad Experience

How do I even start this?

Me, Myself, and My Mother’s Folder

The beach in Aberdeen, days after arriving in Scotland. Photo creds to my mother (love you Mom!)

Finding My Groove

The Aberdeen Uni Gaming Society, and our rivals: Robert Gordon University. This photo was taken after we smoked their asses in a gaming tournament. Better luck next time RGU!

Solo Traveling (And how to do it without beating yourself up)

Party of fun please!

To Sum it All Up

To My Aberdonian Friends

One of my proudest achievements abroad: getting 19 of my friends to see Avengers: Endgame with me


  • The Aberdeen Uni Gaming Society — all it’s members, the President, and committee members (old and new)
  • Team Rerige
  • BearingProTools, Jim MacPhail, and “The Dream Team”
  • Stuart Durkin, The School of Social Science
  • Joy Perkins, The Centre for Academic Development
  • Lindsay Gardner, The University Counselling Service
  • Bruce Scharlau, The School of Natural and Computing Sciences
  • Sam Longmire and everyone at FortyTwo Studio
  • The Kerfoot, Clarke, and Hughes families, and all my other family members in Dublin
  • Mary-Alice Clancy, University of Aberdeen International Exchange & Study Abroad Co-ordinator
  • Bill Naphy, Dean for North American Affairs
  • Councillor John Wheeler, Aberdeen City Council
  • Liz Bowie, Director of Development and Alumni Relations
  • Lauren Steinberg, Drexel University Assistant Director of Office of Global Engagement and Education Abroad
  • The Saint Andrew’s Society of Philadelphia and the McNeil Family
  • My Mom
  • My Dad — just cuz I love em too
  • And anyone I’ve had a coffee, tea, beer, or Irn Bru with in Aberdeen — you’re special too!



Designer and student.

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