5 most popular ways to find Podcast Guests that don’t cost a cent

Read on to discover some quick and easy ways to build up your guest list on your podcast.

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OPTION 1: Your Inner Circle

Once you’ve decided on your podcast name and niche, the easiest way to start to find guests is to do an audit of your inner circle, friends, family etc to see who a good fit may be. In the early stages of your podcast it’s more important to practice the process rather than finding your Dream guest.

This is the same approach I used to start the Stories Behind the Grind podcast. I found someone who had experience running their own podcast with the area of expertise I wanted for the show.

OPTION 2: Word of Mouth

This is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. Asking others to see if they know anyone who would be a good fit. This also works in the reverse, if you ever want to appear on a podcast yourself to spread your message. Word of mouth allows you to scale up the amount of reach you have, instead of requiring you to talk to everyone yourself, you have others, who knows what you’re up to, to help find suitable guests.

Never underestimate who people might know, even if it appears they don’t have a large audience. You could be one person away from interviewing your dream guest.

OPTION 3: Direct contact

There can be a lot of upside in having direct contact, just expect to never hear back from the majority of those who you contact. This is more of a numbers game, but make sure you aren’t copying the same message for everyone that you contact. Add some personality to it.

For example, search on Instagram for those you’d like to interview, and either send them a message directly, or build up the relationship, by commenting and providing value on their posts.

This approach is great for those moonshots (highly unlikely but big payoffs if they respond).

OPTION 4: From other podcasts (look at their guest list)

Most of the time a guest on another podcast will leave ways for you to contact them at the end of the show. This is a good opportunity for you to connect with them, find out more and potentially offer them a spot on your show.

You’ve improved your chances this way because they are more likely to go on another podcast show, if they have already been on one.

OPTION 5: Facebook groups

Find out where your target guests hang out, establish yourself in the Facebook Group and make a post outlining who you’re looking for on your show. I’ve seen this in practice many times, and it’s an easy and quick way to find guests.

For example, if you’re podcast is about Photography, join all the photography related Facebook groups and start to make yourself known. Don’t expect people to come to you, it requires you to be proactive and engaging.

To Recap
In 2019, make use of every tool at your disposal to grow your guest list and start building that momentum

Here are 5 ways to find guests for your podcast that don’t cost a cent

Option 1: Your Inner Circle

Option 2: Word of Mouth

Option 3: Direct contact

Option 4: From other podcasts (look at their guest list)

Option 5: Facebook groups

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