Follow the path less travelled

Society conditions us to following a set path, one that many people have traversed. The safe route in life. This path usually goes like this: Finish school, go to University, graduate, find a secure job, find a partner, get married, have a kid, have another kid, support your children, keeping working in the first job that you found, retire, look after the grandkids.

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Just because other people are following this path in life, this does not mean that you must. You have the choice to do what you want, just make sure you work hard at whatever you choose. It’s tough, but silencing the naysayers, whether this be your close friends, relatives, parents, teachers or colleagues, can be one of the best decisions that you can make. Live life on your terms.

Look at the five people you spend the most time with, are they helping you move closer to your goals, or are they hindering you? If they are holding you back then you should make the decision of what is more important, their friendship or you living the life you know you can live.

Start making incremental changes to your life, and overtime these small improvements start to amount to bigger changes, keep moving forward, closer to your goals. Look at challenges as opportunities to grow.

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