A Shared Story for U.Penn

Power of Penn School of Arts and Sciences

When Eastern Standard was contracted to develop the promotional website for the College of Arts and Sciences capital campaign, we knew there was a lot riding on it.

Using the prepared identity as a launching point, I developed a concept where the individual dots in the logo represented the members of the Penn network; and from this idea emerged a highly conceptual interactive experience.

As the user explores the site, they see the dots that make up the identity swarm burst apart and reshape themselves into abstracted images that represent the different pillars of Penn’s campaign platform.

Here the concept of navigating the human experience is represented as a cross section of a brain, abstracted in the form of a maze. The neurons firing represent the paths that students at the university take as they figure out where they want to go in life.

I worked closely with my creative director and the client to refine the imagery for the site, distilling each concept over and over until we got at the ideas at the core of the University’s misison. Then I prototyped the individual animations for each one in After Effects. After that, I worked with the developer on the project to translate those animations to code using anime.js and to create animated page transitions between the scrolling experience and the individual stories.

To maintain a sense of immersion, the transitions between the stories and the main page were handled through animated popups.

In the end, we created one of the most unique campaign websites ever seen in higher education; and learned a lot in the process. But don’t take my word for it, experience The Power of Penn for yourself.

The Power of Penn recently received a W3 Silver award for visual appeal / experience.