While I was in college I took a number of film production courses to round out my minor in media arts. The courses focused primarily on foundational studies and the fundamentals of animation. Nothing that really got too deep, but it was a lot of great exposure at the time and on top of generating some very questionable experimental films, piqued my interest in motion design at a fairly early age.

In the years following graduation I would do some occasional video work for my employers, or participate in filmmaking competitions with friends, but it didn’t come back into my life in a major way until a couple of years ago.

After completing my work on Welcome to the Universe, an opportunity to create an animated video for a client of ours arose, and I stepped up to take it on. Eastern Standard hadn’t taken on any work like this in house before, and they trusted me to run with it from storyboard through execution without a whole lot of oversight, and through doing so fell back in love with animation.

While the techniques used in this video are fairly simple, the client was thrilled with the results.

We went on to win a Hermes award in the pro-bono category for our work on this project, and that inspired me to keep going with it. Shortly after completing the work on the video, I enrolled in a course through the School of Motion to solidify some of my foundational skills.

After completing that course, I volunteered to help out with our social media team, producing the bulk of the video content for my remaining time there.

Soon we found our selves in a position where clients were starting to ask us to do real video projects with them, and we were able to accept. Below are two videos that I scripted and edited for Great Philly Schools:

The password is “freya-crescent”
The password is “freya-crescent”

Creating these videos, and others that I worked on while at Eastern Standard helped me to rediscover a means of creative expression that I thought that I’d left behind. Through building these skills in video production, I’ve tightened my skills up as a UI animator as well through better understanding of motion design principles. It’s also strengthened my prototyping skills, which has been a big help in complicated web design projects.

Outside of the office I’ve taken to creating abstract 3D shorts, and dabbled in character animation as well. You can see a short reel of some work from the last year below.

Fun fact: I also wrote the music for this.

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Designer by day. Aspiring writer and animator by night. Mercy main when I can find the time.

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