Have You Reddit? 🐸📲

I already had a LinkedIn profile set up from a previous slew of job applications so logging in was a trip and a half. However, it was so old, I found myself refreshed by updating and renovate the page. Hopefully, by being an all star page manager shows good technical skills as well as showcasing my personality. My bio is basically my cover letter and I linked my Medium blog into it.

LinkedIn is awesome, because as soon as I put in interests and my major, I got flooded with job recommendations in my area and the surrounding 50 miles.

As far as using ‘alternative media’ goes, I’m typically very against using sites like Tumblr or something as a legitimate news source because I consider Tumblr and Periscope to be blatantly aimed at teenagers and creepy old people who post pictures of only feet.

But… and bear with me on this… now I’m convinced that Reddit, when used properly, could be an incredible news gathering tool.

With concepts like AMA (Ask Me Anything), Reddit seems to be exactly what it colors itself to be; the front page of the internet. Reddit has over 542 million monthly visitors, which is insane foot traffic. Two years ago, Reddit racked up about 83 billion page views which places it 4th in the US for most-visited page, and #14 in the world. Reddit has so much input, that it’s almost like a living google; throw a bone to the masses and watch the comments roll in, providing not only multiple sides to a story or opinion or event, but also leading to deeper levels of discussion.

On an empathetic level, Reddit can be grotesquely cruel with their roasts, but it also can become a global safe space for comments like rape, racism, and political views. Reddit has every possible topic, from hard hitting news to (my personal favorite) r/aww.

This diversity can help people like me not only escape the toxicity of everyday life but also do in-depth research in a heavily digitized world.