Respect My Space Google+

For me, the introduction of Google+ felt like a forced blind date or,more accurately, an endless succession of muggings. Google itself is notorious for being it’s own best plug, letting you know the second new features or cool new updates are available, and at first, it was awesome.

Then, it was just straight up annoying and all I wanted to do was uninstall home and use Bing (insert eye roll here)

But Googles calmed down quite a bit, and now I feel less violated every time I open my browser, I feel more comfortable utilizing their new tools. I was skeptical of Hangouts, just because it was supposed to be Skype’s biggest competitor, since Hangouts let groups chat at a time, instead of mano a mano. But we all know how well Skype preforms, so obviously I was a little uneasy.

However, News Lab has captivated my attention, and I feel deserves to be launched to the forefront of the web, simply because it is a multifaceted, user friendly program which can help any journalist, student, or “Average Joe” with pretty much anything (short of filing your taxes or walking you through a divorce).

Heres why I’m so hyped; first off, you have features like Google Scholar, which can be used to find sources for papers, or to back up a very heavy argument. One can search by articles, or specific case laws, anything to give a thesis or a cover letter even, a little more meat.

Google Earth Pro is just as substantial, and is now free to everyone. Yet another reason why I love News Labs; theres no obnoxious “Enter Credit Card Information Here” to stop you from learning and growing. Everything is free, and besides being a broke college student, I think this increases their accessibility, and therefor their fan and consumer base.

All in all, this shit’s fun to use man. I feel like a kid again, and had a field day ‘flying’ around the eath, and looking up court cases on people who sue food companies/manufacturers because their “drinks were too hot” or something. All this knowledge at my fingertips rekindled the one for learning that I used to have, and also made me realize that the internet has so much more potential than viral cat videos and Worldstar fights.