Get Inspired

Inspiration is one of those things that you don’t know you have, until you wish you had it. Wanting to do something, but having no direction or clue as to how to get it started is a pretty common situation that I find myself in. I then find myself trying to force inspiration, whether it be a subject to write about, a picture to take, something to draw or even what I should make for dinner.

I’ve learnt over my short 22 years on this planet though, that things should not be forced. Well, for the most part anyway. There’s a pretty fine line between laziness and lack of inspiration, and maybe for many of us we find ourselves making excuses for not progressing with something. And this could be something like the all too common phrase, “I’ll start eating healthy next week”.

With the large media presence that technology brings us today, whether social or traditional, you can’t argue that we may be experiencing a little over exposure to what may have once been inspirational to us. Magazines swamp supermarket and newsagent shelves with photos of chiselled men and petite, curvaceous women. Facebook, Instagram, even twitter and now snapchat, bring much the same material.

Travel bloggers, vloggers and professional photographers give us an abundance of beautiful, breathtaking landscapes and sceneries. And with the continual growth and domination of video across all platforms of social media, even once mundane tasks such as cooking, cleaning or D.I.Y are given new and quirky ways of being carried out each day.

While you may be thinking that a plethora of information, pictures, ideas and material has created a society more inspiring than ever, I see it as much the opposite. Admittedly, I’m quite indecisive. And while it is true that being exposed to a much wider range of inspiring material should keep me inspired day in and out, I find myself being bogged down, and almost drowning, with little direction as to how to get started.

Whether it be my own struggle with getting “back into the gym” each Monday, trying to find something to put up on my Instagram or even what I should write about next, I can’t help but notice that there are so many other people doing much the same thing, rendering my own ideas and aspirations as redundant, in my mind.

So I’ve been thinking, that with all the availability and presence of inspirational quotes, pictures, videos and other such material, why am I struggling to find the inspiration that I so desperately seek? It could just be me, but I believe that it’s simply because there is so much of that particular ‘genre’ of inspiration, which has now become all digital.

As humans, I think we get inspiration from the smaller, simpler things in life. The bird whistling in the tree that you see whilst on your afternoon stroll, or the sun setting over the mountainous horizon that you get a glimpse of as you drive home from work.

Separating ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, even if it is for a few minutes a day, can do wonders for our minds. For me, it helps me remember what it’s like to be human. To experience smells, tastes and witness views that take my breath away. Not stare into my phone screen and marvel at someone’s picture. I believe there’s a number of reasons we are here on this earth, but trying to find the inspiration we need by marveling at the work of others isn’t one of them.

We need to get out there, find our own way in life and find what truly inspires us to be.

Get inspired.