Carnism is Unethical, Response to T.S., 05–18–16, edited 07–14–17

Here is an old post that is guaranteed to ruffle some feathers:

As I seem to have initiated this element of the discussion by posting a Melanie Joy video, I don’t consider my position to be “counterpoint”, and I have stated it above. You focused only on the incidental mention of yourself rather than the content of the post. So I’ll put it more directly: The consumption of animal products is ethically unsound, unhealthy, unsustainable, cruel, and toxic to the human body as well as to all ecosystems on the planet. The consumption of animal products produces nearly the volume of greenhouse gases as the use of fossil fuels. Intelligent and responsible people who have taken the time to study the social, environmental, economic, and biological elements of the outdated practice of carnism, and whose concerns extend beyond their own interests, do not consume animal products where alternatives exist.

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