First — read the book called Sapiens. I’m currently listening to it on Audible, and it’s a great book on history and sociology despite what others might think about specific historical assessments or inaccuracies.

I want my kids to understand the history and the world because my individualistic beliefs are just one of many beliefs worldwide.

It’s about perspective.

I don’t want my kids to live in a bubble, become entitled and lack empathy for others.

They need perspective.

That’s all for today.



There’s an internet way of writing, saying and implying that if you know, you know. It’s usually spelled IYKYK, and I stumbled upon a question that was asked in the subreddit r/AskReddit a few months ago, and the question was something along the lines of:

What’s something so niche that only your industry knows about?

Basically, IYKYK.

IYKYK is the power of the smallest viable audience.

IYKYK is the power of niche marketing.

IYKYK is the power to become as relatable as possible, even for only one person.

IYKYK is the power of generosity because you’re giving it your all, not for everybody, but somebody.

For example, if you’ve read this blog more than once, then it probably means you should subscribe because, on some level, you relate with me.