We are currently witnessing an internet paradigm shift — in reverse.

In The Beginning

Once upon a time in the heyday of chain mail, RSS and web rings, before bloggers were bloggers, when people hosted everything on their own servers, content was king.

The internet was weird and wonderful and useful.

Then we all collectively [1] decided that owning our own content was for losers and posting on a centralized system with likes, shares, and reblogs was clearly the superior approach.


Read the rest over at my self hosted blog…

You may be familiar with OpenTable, a service built around restaurant bookings. One of their main features is an embeddable widget that restaurants can insert in their website to let patrons reserve a table. Here’s what it looks like in the wild:

Here’s a thought:

“Most software applications consist of the same basic functions in different configurations”.

Let’s play with that. Imagine a super-high-level language that could describe a software application tersely, but still capture the usefulness of the application.

✏️ Our app

Example 1
App: Twitter
Allow user to: login
Allow user to…

It turns out there’s a lot to learn by examining the cadence and variety of your side-projects…

Figure 1: Projects over time. Check out the original spreadsheet here.

I recently defended my PhD and in the process of preparing for the defence, I discovered that an old backup hard-drive was damaged beyond repair. …

This is a piece of code I wrote for a previous blog post about writing a Custom Mocha Reporter. I wanted to generate HTML output from a template, but I didn’t need much functionality or an extra dependency. Turns out, it’s not that difficult.

Programmatically generating or producing HTML is…

Get it? Mocha / reporter? No? Nevermind.

Warning: This article is basically tech arts-and-crafts.

I want to display a screen in the office showing the latest unit test results, like a notice board, so the whole team can see the test status —and we wont miss failing tests.

We use Mocha to run unit tests in Node…

Here’s a quick and easy tip that will speed up your docker builds for Python, Nodejs or any project that requires installing dependencies…

If you are installing dependencies, copy only your dependency list before installing (package.json in Node or requirements.txt in python with pip), then move your application code.

The struggle for relevant images continues…

Python example:


Unlike a lot of the internet, I happen to enjoy writing Javascript. I’m also a fan of functional programming; from a practical point of view, and from an aesthetic point of view. In the art of code, functional is beautiful.

Unfortunately, like most JS developers, my love of functional code…

The first complete unit on display at the NUIG Blackstone Launchpad, Galway

This will be a quick post, but I have to share! After months and months of work, the first units of the Posture Laptop Stand are finally ready to be shipped!

It’s been a super long road, and I’m eternally grateful to everybody who has helped along the way, including all of the wonderful early-bird customers!

Posture is on sale over at tryposture.com

This post is inspired by a blog post, a discussion on HN, and a chrome extension. The final result is zwBlocker: An extension that helps spot zero-width characters.

It all revolves around a basic idea: Your name (or email, username etc.) can be invisibly hidden in a piece of text…

Aidan Breen

CTO and Co-founder www.exante.io

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