Two kind of human.

There is two kind of human. The one that see humanity as a gift. And those who believe it is a duty.

For these one, being human is a state and humanity, one of our task on this earth. When they offer something it feels like they were forced to. As if they had no choice. It’s hard for them to give without condition. It’s even harder to think some people give without condition. So they try their best to avoid situation when they would have to be “good”. They don’t go near charities, turn away from associations and keep their look on their smartphone rather than seeing the poor man sat in the street just waiting for a smile and some food.

These people are a huge majority of our population. Human beings became inhuman with time. They were taught selfishness, they are always waiting for a reward and they learnt to always look for the thing that values them first. That way, our presidents, our teachers, our secretaries and our chiefs are that kind of human. They led us on the way of the individual and selfish community that we live in now.

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